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2010-11-20 08:19:08 by Errold


Next piece...

2010-04-15 19:22:39 by Errold


Next up...

2010-04-04 12:16:06 by Errold

An Arch Angel

What can I say, I love monsters with glowing eyes! :D


2010-01-20 09:04:45 by Errold

Atlast, after 10 hours I'm done with this shitty monster illustration. Ah well, turned out quite well, but it was a pain to paint it :D

The next few weeks I'll try to do something else then dark stuff, monsters and wierd stuff.


Dark. Realy dark.

2010-01-10 21:48:24 by Errold

My latest addition to my art collection is the knight, who disturbs cthulhu in his lair, or something like that.

I decided to make some kind of story, with part one, the knight - waking the dreamer. And part two, Cthulhu fhtagn (no more).

Probably won't be a part 3, to bored of illustrating dark shit. And the shit is too dark. I could just cover it with black, and it wouldn't make any difference, thats how black the shit is.

Ah well, enjoy the latest in the Cthulhu edition, without any Cthulhu.

Yellow Eyes, yeye

2010-01-09 17:03:52 by Errold

Yupp, I just illustrated yet another monster with yellow-glowing eyes. I just can't paint Cthulhu without glowing, yellow eyes! :D

Check my illustrations out.

Best regards, errold